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•Tired of marketing campaigns that cost a fortune and don't LIVE UP to their promises.

•Tired of the EXPENSIVE COSTS associated to print media and other marketing campaigns that

  only run for a week or less.

•Can you honestly say that a column or a section or even a street poster is enough to promote

  YOUR establishment?

•Do you want access to a more DIRECT TARGET audience,people who are interested in your

•We will take your venue to the MASSES.

"Guaranteeing your venue is noticed in this competitive entertainment industry..."


With NITELIFE people chose to come online because they associate the brand to all NITE LIFE Entertainment.

YES, we have access to a target audience that is interested in your venue and what it has to offer....

We generate just under 100 000 visitors online monthly and have maintained a healthy 20% growth rate on a monthly basis.

"With us the public will know about your venue..."


NITELIFE is not your average directory / magazine / community site we are strongly committed to the entertainment industry. We also have a strong 18-35yrs audience made up of students / graduates / working class / corporate / lower level executives

We also have a heathly list of registered DJ's / Entertainers

NITELIFE has a proven track record and a loyal fan base which is expanding daily and won't leave you unsatisfied at a fraction of the cost associated to print media and most types of advertising.

"Guaranteed exposure with minimum risk to you the owner..."


THAT's RIGHT, the amount of money you spend on advertising on print media to an estimated audience of say 30 000 for one week's issue we will advertise your venue in all its glory to our visitors for 12 months at almost the same cost...