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Bieber Promises to Be Good for Selena Gomez

Since the split between teen pop idol Justin Bieber and singer Selena Gomez in December 2012, Justin Bieber’s behaviour is reported to have spiralled out of control. This may come to an end though as the Daily Mail reports Gomez has agreed to take Bieber back.

This comes after Bieber reportedly dropped a few hints that he would happily stop his “bad boy” behaviour if Gomez would give him another chance.


A video emerged this week of Bieber urinating in public, other antics include infuriating his neighbours with his reckless driving, turning up late to concerts and there have even been allegations of drug use.


Tabloids say that this controversial behaviour has been a big factor in Gomez not wanting to re-unite with her ex. Now it seems Bieber’s promise of cleaning up his act has won her back. The couple appeared together in an instagram photograph posted by Bieber, captioned heartbreaker.


According to sources Gomez’s friends are less then thrilled with this news.

“None of her friends really like Justin, or at least they don’t like Selena with Justin. It’s just not a healthy relationship,” one source is reported to have told

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