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Rihanna Flashes Diamond Grill (and Cleavage!)—Take a Look!

Lemme see your grill, girl!


Rihanna went from Star Wars to ghetto fab in one of her most recent Instagram shots, when she flashed a diamond mouthpiece, a sexy body chain and some cleavage at the same damn time.


"I'm an outlaw bitch!!" the singer wrote.


PHOTOS: Check out Rihanna's style history!


RiRi's selfie (taken from an upward angle, of course) cut off the singer's top half of her face to focus on her red lips and mouth bling while also showing off a body chain—that fell into the curves of her body underneath her white crop top, accentuating her cleavage—and one hell of an arm party.


Although the star is wearing minimal clothing in this shot, the Barbados beauty was definitely more covered up than her last OMG-worthy photo post.


Upping the ante from her usual titillating two-piece pics, Rihanna was spotted taking in the scenery from her hotel balcony on the French Riviera in Monaco wearing absolutely nothing.


VIDEO: See Rihanna head out for a day of shopping in a swimsuit!


Yep, RiRi was fully naked, with only her arms and the actual balcony covering up her lady bits and, um, area. Talk about strategic placement.


South African Nail Care Giant Enters Indian Market

Bio Sculpture, a maker of nail care products that originated in South Africa in 1988, recently entered the Indian market, according to a report in Business Standard.


The company has a presence in 45 countries, offering nail treatment to customers through stand-alone salons, partnerships with spas and hotels and with training centers to teach staff.

In addition to a stand-alone salon and training center in Gurgaon, the company offers services in major spas and salons in Delhi such as Oberois, Affinity Salon, Mystic Spa and Hyatt.


“Nail extension and nail art have a marvelous future…The women of India are hungry for new, revolutionary ways to look after their nails,” said founder-director Elmien Scholtz in the Business Standard report.


Scholtz began her career in the nail industry after completing a course in cosmetic science at the Stellenbosch Academy in 1980.


“The beauty industry is one of the fast growing and important industries worldwide and out of this, nails are the fastest developing,” she told Business Standard. “It is a multi-billion dollar industry and everyone wants to be part of it.


“It isn’t just India but the rest of the world – they want to be like the West – American and European.”


Bieber Promises to Be Good for Selena Gomez

Since the split between teen pop idol Justin Bieber and singer Selena Gomez in December 2012, Justin Bieber’s behaviour is reported to have spiralled out of control. This may come to an end though as the Daily Mail reports Gomez has agreed to take Bieber back.

This comes after Bieber reportedly dropped a few hints that he would happily stop his “bad boy” behaviour if Gomez would give him another chance.


A video emerged this week of Bieber urinating in public, other antics include infuriating his neighbours with his reckless driving, turning up late to concerts and there have even been allegations of drug use.


Tabloids say that this controversial behaviour has been a big factor in Gomez not wanting to re-unite with her ex. Now it seems Bieber’s promise of cleaning up his act has won her back. The couple appeared together in an instagram photograph posted by Bieber, captioned heartbreaker.


According to sources Gomez’s friends are less then thrilled with this news.

“None of her friends really like Justin, or at least they don’t like Selena with Justin. It’s just not a healthy relationship,” one source is reported to have told

4 Surprising Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

4 Surprising Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure


1. Work on Your Marriage!


Studies show happily married adults have lower blood pressure. There can be a world of challenges surrounding you, but if there is security and calm in your home, you have a place to rest your head and your heart. So go out on dates and keep that communication strong with your spouse!

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2. Eat Dark Chocolate


In one study, 18 percent of people who ate 1/2 ounce of dark chocolate daily saw a reduction in blood pressure. Dark chocolate contains flavanols, which make blood vessels more elastic (it must contain at least 70% cocoa). As if you needed any more reason to eat chocolate!

Just make sure if you’re eating chocolate for health, you’re eating the right kind. Stick to dark chocolate without any candy coating. Opt for 100% natural and organic whenever you can. Also make sure it tastes good….otherwise you’re not as likely to take this healthy “medicine.”

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3. Adopt a Pet


Owning a pet is great for your health. Having a cat or dog lowers your blood pressure, and also improves your chances of survival after a heart attack. People who own pets tend to exercise more often, which is also a key to managing your blood pressure.

If you want to protect your life, and save another at the same time, visit your local animal shelter and adopt a dog or cat. You’ll be a lifesaver in more ways than one…


4. Take the “Heart Vitamin” CoQ10


Unfortunately, we are a nutrient and vitamin deficient society. Taking the right vitamins on a daily basis can improve your blood pressure. CoQ10 is proven to be the strongest of the heart ...

Cory Monteith: What You Might Not Know About the Beloved (Understatement) Glee Star

(source E Online)

Cory Monteith's Most Memorable Roles


This is a personal account from one of the (many) reporters who covered Gleesince it began, written solely because I can't stop crying over the news, and feel the need to tell you fans that you are not alone in your devastation.


After the tragic news broke Saturday that Cory had been found in a Vancouver hotel room, various members of the press took to Twitter to reflect on what a truly sincere and sweet guy he was, calling him things like "incredibly kind," "always courteous," "humble, down to earth," "always honest" and "the absolute nicest."


NEWS: Celebs react to Cory Monteith's death


We have covered celebrity deaths before. This one is different.

From the producers and cast and crew and fans on the street to, yes, even the reporters who covered the show, it seems that in Cory's time in Hollywood, no one really ever had a single bad word to say about the guy.

In case you don't know a whole lot about this town, that doesn't happen.

VIDEO: Cory Monteith's first interview after rehab


At every Glee press event, from before the show first aired until it became an award-winning success, Monteith was kind and respectful, carefully listening to questions, giving thoughtful and playful answers, and never taking himself too seriously. If you asked your 18 millionth question about Finn and Rachel, he would smile and do his absolute best to give you something the fans would appreciate hearing.


If you wanted to snap a selfie with him, he wouldn't just oblige, he would tell you some fun little tricks on how to make you look the best ("Who cares about me?") and keep snapping photos until he thought the pic did you justice.

Selfless. Unaffected. And so real. And I will never forget that during my first visit to the Glee set in season one, as we watched a performance scene in which Cory was sweating buckets and giving every ounce of everything he had, one of the producers turned to me and said, "No one works harder than Cory. No one. He is everything this show is about."


Cory Monteith's Death: What Will it Mean for Glee?

There are no words for how much he will be missed.

Rest in peace, Cory. You are loved.


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